Can my house be foreclosed for back taxes?


Can my house be foreclosed for back taxes?


If you have failed to pay your property taxes, your municipality will most likely place a tax lien against your house.  This lien follows your home, which means even if you were to sell the property, the tax bill still remains on that house.   

A tax lien can also result in your property being entered into foreclosure.  If you fail to make an arrangement with your tax collector’s office, you will expect to have your home foreclosed upon and buyers interested in buying a home with back taxes may be able to purchase it.

If you are facing foreclosure because of back taxes, consider the following options: 

  • Contact an attorney immediately to get advice on the best way to proceed through your foreclosure.
  • Contact your tax collector’s office, if the foreclosure is due to back property taxes, to make some form of payment arrangement.  You will need to pay something in order to show good faith that you are going to pay back the taxes you owe.
  • If your tax lien is not due to property taxes, but rather back income or estate taxes, you must deal with the IRS directly and immediately.  Your home can be foreclosed upon as an asset in the IRS claims against you.  Be sure to file your back taxes, and contact an accountant to make arrangements with the IRS and prevent foreclosure.

Your lawyer can help you to find a solution to this problem, but you need to act quickly to prevent foreclosure.

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