What Is An IRS Certified Letter?

If you receive an IRS certified letter, it means that the IRS is letting you know that they are taking action, or that they intend to take action against you. If you ignore an IRS certified letter, you may face serious consequences, and each IRS certified letter you receive will have more serious consequences than the last.

To avoid these consequences, you should respond to the first IRS letter you receive. If you have received an IRS certified letter in Maryland, and you are not sure how to respond, you can get the professional help of a Maryland tax attorney.

Letters From the IRS

Not all letters from the IRS will be IRS certified letters. However, the certified letters are those that you need to pay special attention to.

Some examples of letters that you may receive from the IRS include:

That Your Tax Return is Overdue

This letter will be sent if you fail to file a tax return. The letter will serve as notification that the IRS has not received your return, and that you have an opportunity to file a tax return before the IRS files a substitute tax return.

A Reminder About Your Monthly Statement

This is a common letter that serves as notification that you owe money to the IRS. This is generally sent to taxpayers who are on a payment plan.

A Reminder Notice

This is a common letter sent by the IRS to remind you that you owe them money.

A Second Reminder Notice

This letter is sent if you do not respond to a first reminder notice. The letter will include a spousal notification, which lets your spouse know that a there is an overdue tax return, or that taxes have not been paid.

A Notice of Amount Due

This letter shows the amount of taxes that you owe, as well as the penalty and interest you must pay.

A Notice that Important or Immediate Action is Required

This is an IRS certified letter that tells the taxpayer that they must pay the money they owe. It serves as a last reminder that the IRS may proceed with a tax levy.

A Letter of Intent to Levy on Certain Assets

This is an IRS certified letter that serves as the first warning that the IRS is preparing to levy your income, or take funds from your bank account. This IRS certified letter serves as a prelude to the Final Levy Notice.

A Final Notice of Intent to Levy

This is an IRS certified letter that states that the IRS will place a levy against you. If you receive this letter, it is import that you respond, and you may want to get the help of a tax attorney.

If you have received an IRS certified letter, working with an experienced tax attorney can help you better understand your options and how to proceed.

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