When Do You Need A San Francisco Tax Attorney?

There are few areas of law that are as complex as tax law. As such, you may find yourself in a situation where you need a San Francisco tax attorney to help you navigate the laws and clear up whatever mess you may be in. But how do you even know when you need one? Here are some examples of times when a tax attorney would definitely be needed:

  1. Estate issues. If your estate is taxable, or you have to deal with estate planning, a tax attorney will help you do so correctly.
  2. International business. Not only is tax law difficult to deal with in American business, a lawyer with experience in dealing with international tax law is necessary if you are dealing with overseas transactions.
  3. Criminal investigations. If you are under investigation for possible tax fraud or something similar, a San Francisco tax attorney is necessary to represent you in court and protect you.
  4. New business. Deciding on how to structure your company and dealing with taxes related to your business income is a tricky situation, but a tax attorney can help.
  5. You are taking the IRS to court. If you are filing a suit against the IRS, representation from a tax attorney is a must.

These are only a few, but some of the more serious reasons to hire a San Francisco tax attorney. A good attorney will not only represent you in court, but they will also explain the law to you in terms that you can understand. It is not just about representation, but full assistance in protecting you and keeping you informed. That’s why a tax attorney can help you not only defend yourself, but prevent you from being stuck in that position ever again.

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