Step-by-Step Instructions to Settling Notice CP49 Problems

It may perhaps have been an afternoon like any other, but the abrupt CP-49 in the mail destroyed your dreams and altered your life permanently. You want to see precisely why the IRS mailed you the document; what did you do to warrant this? We understand you have a few questions on the subject of CP49, so we're addressing them below. This isn't a good thing to get in your mailbox from the IRS.

What IRS Notice CP-49 Indicates

IRS Notice CP-49 means what the title infers; you paid too much on your balance, and now it is being put toward a different account. The letter states how much was overpaid to the IRS and what amount is being applied to other "Tax Accounts." Basically, the IRS is making you aware that you were due a refund but those funds will not be sent to you but will be applied to your tax debt instead.

Notice CP49 Detailed

CP-49 will detail the years of those taxes, the amounts of the overpayment being applied, and the money remaining, if any. If perhaps there is anything at all left, the document will also display whatever is leftover that will be paid back to you. This letter only counts for federal taxes that you owe, not state taxes.

Explanations for Getting IRS Notice CP49

Simply stated, IRS Notice CP49 is sent out to advise you that cash is due to the IRS that must be returned fully. They're making you aware of it the painful way by forcefully claiming the money from your balance. This could seem illegal yet in reality it is totally within the IRS' right to implement your refund to satisfy other accounts that you owe funds on.

Familiarizing Yourself with IRS Notice CP49 in Three Segments

  • CP-49 is separated into three parts. Portion one of the letter discusses the overpaid balance and lets you know how much they utilized on other taxes you owed. This same part can disclose how much should have been paid back to you if any was leftover after it was used on your IRS tax debt. The 3rd and final part details how the IRS will return the overpayment of your IRS debt if the past due account was actually paid off.
  • The next section of this document describes the overpaid account and will let you understand what the original total amount was, credits or interest charges applied to the overpayment, the full amount with the inclusion of credits and interest, and the full amount put toward the account with the debt due.
  • The very last part of the notification talks about the "Balance Due Account" , the tax year of the account with the amount due, the full quantity of money applied to the amount due, and the sum outstanding on the account with the debt due.

Added Simple Steps to Take with CP 49

You should not have to lift a finger if your tax refund resolved fully the amount you owed the IRS. Simply file IRS Notice CP49 with your other tax reports. But, you might have used your refund and weren't able to afford to give it up to the IRS. You could possibly be one of those who disagree with the material in CP-49. Keep reading to see what you can do in the instance that you disagree with CP 49:

  • Dispute Over the Overpayment Amount: You can telephone the IRS if you disagree with any aspect of IRS Notice CP 49. No matter if the amount of overpayment came from your original return or a change made to it, the IRS will deliver forms if the overpayment amount deviates from the amount anticipated (This is CP-12).
  • The Debt Owed In Question Has Been Settled: When you are in possession of tangible proof that you recently resolved the debt specified in Notice CP 49 from the IRS, telephone the IRS and show them. The IRS will run a fast search to track down proof that you satisfied the tax debt, and if they don't track it down, the IRS will possibly call for more substantive proof on your side to back your claim that the debt was satisfied in full. When a balance is still unpaid to the IRS, the IRS will discontinue additional forms from being mailed to you as they look further inside your account to come across the appropriate results.
  • Under Six Weeks Back, the IRS Debt Was Wholly Paid Back: If you already paid back your IRS debt in full under 6 weeks back, get a hold of the IRS and notify them that the CP 49 IRS Notice was sent erroneously. Should you not feel optimistic about taking care of this on your own, speak with an IRS tax relief specialist for tips for guidance.
  • Your Amended Tax Return Affected How Much Was Due: The next action to take from here are challenging. If you don't feel confident dealing with the IRS on your own, give some thought to utilizing a tax specialist.
  • Your Refund Didn't Pay Back the Account Balance Completely: You should pay off the amount still left on the balance due account to avoid interest charges and penalties. The problem is that even if you cannot repay your debt completely, the IRS will pressure you to pay everything they're due ASAP. Think About using the services of a tax debt expert to find a way to pay the IRS.
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